DEBTELIN 2 explores the literature, art, culture and poetry of Manchu Archery. Translations and preparations are executed by Manchu students around the globe, supervised by Peter Dekker, specialist in Manchu Archery, and Fresco Sam-Sin, lecturer in Manchu and Manchu Studies at Leiden University. Debtelin 2 comes with a poster. Get you DEBTELIN here

"a superb publication about Manchu archery. It has been compiled and edited by Peter Dekker (currently the encyclopaedic force behind ATARN). It is a collection of translations from Qing dynasty archery texts which are absolutely fascinating, not only for the Manchu aficionado but for all archers! There is much common wisdom here. That wisdom is then amplified by the notes from both Peter Dekker and Justin Ma (co-author of The Way of Archery). At times it seems as if Justin and Peter are having a conversation about these thrilling original texts, never before seen in English. Their excitement is palpable (in a quiet intellectual sort of way) and, as the reader, I share that excitement. It is a highly engaging and excellent way to present these ancient teachings. Recommended!" Mike Loades

"From the point of view of the student of archery this really is a great read, it takes an indepth look at the bows, archery culture and archery practices of the Manchu, giving a real insight into the subject that i (even knowing Peter) have never had, I particularly liked the "old men's tales" for instance, so many thanks to all the contributors, over 20 I believe, an excellent effort all around." Richard Hornsby



A word from the editors 6
Reading conventions 8

1 Peter Dekker, The Manchu archery tradition 10
2 Khan Hong Taiji, Dress well and shoot 40
3 Khan Elhe Taifin, Aphorisms for the Whole Family 45
4 Khan Hvwaliyasun Tob, Book of Instructions 53
5 Khan Abkai Wehiyehe et al., Verses for heroes 58
6 Mårten Söderblom Saarela, A look in the 1708 Mirror 67
7 Qanggiyvn, Targets in Shooting 72
8 Archery in primers 109
9 Donjina, My friend Ferguwene 116
10 Sungyvn, Old men’s tales 119
11 Three times Nurhaci 126
12 Two accounts of Sarhv 132

Sources 173
Accounts of contributors 175
Call for translations 180

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