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Qianlong in armor

This iconic painting of the Qianlong emperor was painted by Jesuit missionary Giuseppe Castiglione. Castiglione. This painting probably dates from 1758 and thus captures the Qianlong emperor when he is 47.


Manchus had a wide variety of arrows. Every one with its own purpose. An arrow for shooting rabbits, one for shooting human, another for birds, etc.. The sounds they made are registered in the first Manchu-Manchu thesaurus.



Wat de Mantsjoes schreven over hun tochten en reizen


A Manchu without a bow and arrow is like a chicken without a head


"If you introduce yourself to others, you can also make mention of your shooting prowess. When it comes right down to it, we're banner folk after all! If you can't shoot from stance or horseback, a belly- full of knowledge will be of no use to you either!' - DEBTELIN 2