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Battlefield Sarhv

DEBTELIN gives two fascinating accounts of the battle at Sarhv. They give hints as to how the Manchus were able to secure a victory at such incredible odds. Peter Dekker on this battle.

War Heroes

In Chapter 5 of Debtelin 2 we translated some war hero poetry. Annette B├╝gener, in her Die Heldengalerie des Qianlong-Kaisers, describes their looks. Here a translation of that to English.



Wat de Mantsjoes schreven over hun tochten en reizen


A Manchu without a bow and arrow is like a chicken without a head


"If you introduce yourself to others, you can also make mention of your shooting prowess. When it comes right down to it, we're banner folk after all! If you can't shoot from stance or horseback, a belly- full of knowledge will be of no use to you either!' - DEBTELIN 2